Intro to Cake Decorating

by mannafrost

Hey everyone, so this is my experience to Bonnie Gordon’s Intro to Cake Decorating Class.

It was a full day ‘crash course’ which originally was programmed over a span of 3 days. Looking at the syllabus a lot of the content was summarized and due to staying on schedule, the last part – basic piping skills was glossed over, but at the same time, I was getting fidgety, itching to get my hands working on the cake for the rest half of the class.

Within the 8.5 hrs, the first four hours involved us sitting and observing demonstrations, with a 30 minute lunch break that followed. We had one corresponding practice run of applying fondant on a styrofoam dummy within the first half. The last 4hrs of the class, required us to apply what we learned, freely decorating our own cake.

  • Out instructor was Julie, with in-training instructor Beth.
  • I received my receipt and a duo tang of the syllabus
  • Kits were provided at the facility and returned upon completion
  • The cake I decorated is supposed to be for a 3-tier cake

I asked Julie for some recipes, and before I forgot, here’s what I recollect:

For a Simple Vanilla Cake recipe, go to Magnolia Bakery’s website:

For chocolate cake, she recommended the ‘one bowl’ recipe which I googled the links below:

My favourite cake on displayIMG_1576IMG_1577IMG_1569IMG_1571IMG_1572IMG_1573IMG_1568IMG_1591