In the Bible, “Manna” is bread from heaven, provided by God for the lost people travelling in the wilderness many days without food. It is described to taste like “flour with honey”, or “bread tempered with oil”. In the Bible, God provided his people  explicit instructions on how to collect, preserve and to eat without it going spoiled.

Spiritually, the word Manna means the ‘Bread of Life’ or ‘Life Giving Bread’ representing food provided from God, as life for our Souls.

“Frost” is biblically used to describe the white Manna on the ground, and as we know today the icing on a cupcake or cake. Metaphorically I think of it as a ‘Sweet Indulgence’.

Combined, Mannafrost = Heavenly Bread, Sweet Indulgence. To me this implies that food is a blessing for both the body and soul; physically and spiritually.

I hope you enjoy this blog!